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4 Reasons You Should Eat at the Apricot Place Cafe Next Time You Go Ocoee River Rafting

After a day spent rafting down the Ocoee River, you’re sure to build up an appetite! Luckily for you, we have an awesome restaurant located on our property! The Apricot Place Cafe offers an impressive menu with some mouth watering meals you can’t say no to. Here are 4 reasons you should eat the the Apricot Place Cafe next time you go Ocoee river rafting:

1. You Can Fuel Up Before Your Rafting Trip

If you’re planning a rafting trip early in the morning you’re going to need some sustenance to fuel you up for the adventure ahead. Thankfully, the Apricot Place Cafe serves some delicious breakfast options to help start your day off right. Choose from their Breakfast Burrito, Ciabatta Sandwich, English Muffins and more! You can also grab a cup of coffee or a tall glass of orange juice before you hit the river. When you get back, you can return to the cafe for an equally delicious lunch!

2. They Have a Large Menu with Delicious Options

kid eating burgerIn addition to their breakfast menu, the Apricot Place Cafe also offers hearty deli and gourmet sandwiches, Black Angus burgers, wings, awesome sides and tasty desserts. Start off with some Fried Pickle Chips for an appetizer and then move on to one of their sandwiches. We recommend trying the Grilled Pimento Cheese or the Sriracha Burger, topped with jalapenos and sriracha mayo. If you’ve saved room for dessert, get a scoop of chocolate or vanilla ice cream. There is nothing better than a cold treat after a long, hot day of Ocoee river rafting.

3. They Offer Catering

If you have a large group coming rafting then you all will love the catering option that Apricot Place Cafe offers! Once your group has selected the meal they want, call ahead at least a week in advance and place your order. All catering meals will be served at the picnic pavilion or the cafe patio. Choose from simple meals like a Taco or Chili Dinner, or if you’re feeling fancy, try the Ribeye Dinner, served with garlic mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables, a tossed salad and more. It will be so nice to come back from your rafting trip with a delicious dinner already prepared for you!

4. The Cafe is Located at Our Outpost

outpostOne of the best things about the Apricot Place Cafe is the location! After your rafting adventure, you’ll be wet, tired, and probably a little sweaty and aren’t going to want to find a good restaurant just to go eat in your soaking clothes. When you dine at the Apricot Place Cafe you don’t even have to leave our property to have an awesome meal. You also don’t have to worry about dressing up for dinner. Simply exit the raft and head straight to the patio or pavilion to eat your meal!

The Apricot Place Cafe is by far the best place to eat after you’ve been Ocoee river rafting! Look over their menu and decide what you want to try on your next visit. We look forward to seeing you!