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5 Fun Facts About the Ocoee River

Are you ready to learn more about the famous river our rafting trips take place on? The Ocoee River is located in the Cherokee National Forest and is one of the most popular white water rafting rivers! While we’re sure you know a little about this thrilling river, we’ve made a list of 5 fun facts about the Ocoee River to help you learn more!

1. It has more than one name.

Did you know that the Ocoee River actually has two names instead of one? The Ocoee River refers to the 37 mile stretch that runs through Tennessee. There is another part of the river that runs for 56 miles through Georgia. This part of the river is known as the Toccoa River!

2. We have the nation’s most popular trip on the river.

middle trip ocoeeThe Middle Ocoee River is known for being the nation’s most popular white water rafting trip! This trip is definitely one you don’t want to miss when you raft with us. It provides 5 miles of class III and IV rapids, making it the perfect adventure for families, first-timers, friends, and groups. You’ll paddle through a gorge that runs through the Cherokee National Forest and hit 17 major rapids!

3. The Middle Ocoee River was dry until the 1970s.

We just mentioned that the Middle Ocoee River had the most popular rafting trip, but did you know that this part of the river was actually dry until 1976? It was diverted down a 5-mile wooden flume to a powerhouse downstream to make hydroelectric power. It wasn’t until September of 1976 when a rock slide happened that the flume line was damaged and water consistently flowed down the river for the first time.

4. It’s the only natural river used in a canoe and kayak Olympics event.

rafting at Quest ExpeditionsThe Ocoee River is actually the only natural river that’s been used in a canoe and kayak Olympic event! In 1996, the Olympic Games were held in Atlanta, Georgia, and the Ocoee River was used to hold whitewater canoe and kayak events! You can learn more about this on our Upper Only Olympic Course. When you reach the Olympic Course, the river narrows as the water races through classic drops and big water rapids culminating with a challenging run through the Upper section’s most famous rapid, Humongous.

5. From source to mouth, the river drops 1,370 feet in elevation.

From source to mouth, meaning the total 93 miles of the Ocoee and Toccoa Rivers, the river drops 1,370 feet in elevation! The elevation begins at 2,120 feet and drops to 750 feet! The upper section of the Ocoee has an average of 50 feet per mile drop for its 5 miles.

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We bet you can’t wait to come whitewater rafting on the Ocoee River after reading these 5 fun facts about it! Take a look at the trips we offer, including the Middle Ocoee River Trip and Olympic Course, and reserve your spot on the nation’s most popular river today.