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Top 4 Reasons to Get a Gift Certificate for Our Ocoee River Rafting Trips

If you are trying to find the perfect gift for the holiday season or another special event, look no further than the gift certificates from Quest Expeditions! These convenient gift cards come in $50 denominations and are a great way to get your friends pumped up for an incredible rafting adventure on the Ocoee River! Here are the top 4 reasons to purchase a gift certificate for our Ocoee River rafting trips:

1. Unique and Fun Gift Idea

While your friends might appreciate a new holiday sweater, necktie or pair of socks, there is nothing as exciting as a gift certificate from Quest Expeditions! These gift certificates can be used for any of our rafting trips, including the Middle Ocoee River Trip which is considered the most popular whitewater rafting trip in the nation! If your friend is a real whitewater enthusiast, they can also use the gift certificate for a full day Ocoee River rafting trip! This excursion features 10 miles of legendary whitewater thrills and the most challenging rapids on the river!

2. No Worries About an Expiration Date

Tennessee Whitewater Rafting TripOne of the awesome things about the gift certificates to our Ocoee River rafting trips is that they never expire! Therefore your gift recipient doesn’t have to feel any pressure about scheduling their trip within any particular time period. If they can’t make it out to join Quest Expeditions this summer, then they can use their gift certificate one year from now or 5 years down the road! This flexibility makes it easy to plan a rafting adventure and the recipient can call us anytime to schedule their trip! As an alternative, recipients can redeem their gift card online or in person at our store in Ocoee, TN.

3. No Limits on Quantity

Although the gift certificates to our Ocoee River rafting trips come in denominations of $50, you can purchase as many gift cards as you want! This means that you can purchase gift certificates to Quest Expeditions for a group of friends, multiple family members or everyone in your organization! You can even provide your gift recipient with multiple gift cards so that they can plan an entire weekend in Ocoee. After all, our gift cards can also be used for store purchases and for our cabin rentals near Ocoee TN!

4. Provides Motivation to Try Something New

cropped-terryIf you have a friend who always dreamed about whitewater rafting but never got around to it, our gift certificates provide the perfect motivation to get on the river! Your recipient can relax knowing that no experience is necessary and nearly everyone can go on our Ocoee River rafting trips as long as they are at least 12 years old! Of course, we do ask that participants be in good health to join one of our excursions! Rest assured that our guests are always in good hands with our trained guides who provide a complete safety orientation and accompany each raft down the river!

Check out the gift certificates to our Ocoee River rafting trips today to purchase a unique gift for your friends and loved ones! We guarantee that they will have a fun and exciting adventure on the Ocoee River with Quest Expeditions!