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Benton Falls near Ocoee TN

Top 3 Reasons to Hike the Benton Falls Trail While Visiting Ocoee TN

While heading to Ocoee TN for one of our thrilling white water rafting expeditions, extend your visit with a hike along the Benton Falls Trail! This is another wonderful opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and it makes a great complement to your rafting adventure! You may even want to start your morning with a hike and then cool off with us on the river! Here are the top 3 reasons to hike the Benton Falls Trail while visiting Ocoee TN:

1. Beautiful Scenery

Benton Falls Trail The Benton Falls Trail offers tons of beautiful scenery, so you’ll definitely want to bring a camera along for the hike! While strolling along the trail, you’ll discover all kinds of gorgeous wildflowers as well as various types of berries – just be sure not to eat them! Of course, the highlight of the trail is Benton Falls itself! This majestic 65 foot waterfall is truly a sight to behold, especially if there has been some recent rainfall! The falls are accessible from both the top and the bottom via a path made of stone steps. After exploring the top of the falls, relax at the bottom for a bit while listening to the sound of the roaring water! The refreshing water also feels great on your feet, so take some time to cool off from your hike!

2. Easy Hike for All Skill Levels

Another reason to hike this trail is because it’s an easy hike for all skill levels! Since the trail is just 3 miles roundtrip, you don’t have to dedicate a significant amount of time or effort to reach the falls. Other than the long series of steps that lead to the base of Benton Falls, the trail is a smooth, sandy path. If you prefer a longer hike, you’ll appreciate that the trail is the primary artery running through the Chilhowee trail system and you can create a longer loop. For some additional hiking options, be sure to check out our other top trails for hiking in the Cherokee National Forest!

3. Close to Our Whitewater Rafting Outpost

An aerial view of the Outpost at Quest Expeditions.The trailhead for the Benton Falls Trail is only about a 30 minute drive from our whitewater rafting outpost, which allows you to create the perfect day trip to Ocoee TN! The road leading up to the trailhead in the Chilhowee Recreation Area is just off of Highway 64. After turning off the highway, you’ll travel about 8 miles to the main parking area. Consider stopping at some of the numerous overlooks on the drive up the mountain for a wide-angle view of the lake below, Sugarloaf Mountain and beautiful farmland! You may also want to bring a picnic lunch along as the parking area features a picnic area and a convenient restroom facility.

Check out all of our white water rafting trips on the Ocoee River today to plan your trip and extend your visit with a scenic hike on the Benton Falls Trail! We look forward to seeing you soon!