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3 Lodging Options for After Your Ocoee River Rafting Trip

After spending a long day on the Ocoee River, you will be a little worn out. Instead of having to worry about traveling back home the same day, why not spend the night so you can see more of what there is to do in the area? There are many different places to stay for the evening that are conveniently located near our outpost. Here are 3 lodging options for after your Ocoee River rafting trip:

1. Cabin Rentals Near Ocoee

If you want a quiet place to go back and relax after your busy day white water rafting, we have peaceful cabins that are located just minutes away from our outpost. The cabins range from one to three bedrooms and are a great way to spend some quiet time with the family. All of the cabins are tucked into the Cherokee National Forest and offer some breathtaking views. If you want to cook a nice dinner in the evening, the cabins come with a full kitchen, as well as serving utensils and a charcoal grill! If you still have some energy after your rafting trip, enjoy a family game of volleyball or horseshoes right at your cabin. If you are staying for multiple days and need other things to do while you are visiting, there are multiple hiking and biking trails near our cabins as well as some amazing shops and restaurants!

2. Group Bunkhouse

bunkhouseAre you going rafting with a large group? If so, our group bunkhouses are the perfect place to spend the night without having to find a hotel that has enough space for everyone. The bunkhouses provide enough space for your entire group to sleep comfortably. Our large bunkhouse can hold up to 30 people, while the smaller ones can house up to 16. These are perfect for family reunions or youth groups who want to spend the night together in one place. When you think of bunkhouses, you might think of small beds and miserable conditions. However, with our sleeping areas, we offer central heating and air conditioning, bathrooms, and refrigerators. The only things you will need to bring along with you is your pillow, sleeping bag, sheet, and blankets. The next time you go Ocoee River rafting with a large group, don’t worry about finding a nearby hotel and stay at one of our bunkhouses that are located on the same property as our outpost.

3. Local Area Hotels

If you would feel more comfortable staying in a hotel versus a cabin or a bunkhouse, there are numerous area hotels nearby, including three within a mile from our outpost. These hotels are great for those that are going rafting as a family or small group instead of a large group. Each hotel offers different amenities so you can find the one that matches the needs of you and your family!

Now that you know about where to spend the night after your Ocoee River rafting trip, all you need to worry about is your rafting adventure. Be sure to check out our different rafting trips and find the one that is perfect for you! We hope to see you soon out on the river!