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Top 6 Outdoor Things to Do in Cleveland TN

If you love spending time outdoors, especially when you go on vacation, then you’ll want to try to find as many activities as possible that take place outside! Luckily when you visit Cleveland, you’ll have plenty of options, so there’s a fun activity for everyone! Check out these top 6 outdoor things to do in Cleveland TN:

1. Hiking

A popular activity you’ll want to do when you’re visiting the area is hiking. The Ocoee area has several hiking trails to explore, and you can enjoy getting out in the fresh air and listening to the creek babble and birds chirp. Cherokee National Forest is one of the most popular areas to go hiking, and there are several types of trails, ranging from easy to advanced. A few other areas where you can hike include Red Clay State Historic Park and the Cleveland/Bradley County Greenway.

2. Fishing

Fly FishingAnother outdoor thing to do in Cleveland TN you’ll have fun doing is fishing! With several lakes and streams to choose from, you’ll find all kinds of cool places to spend the day with your rod. Some of the most common types of fish you might catch include crappie, bluegill, bass, and trout. Just don’t forget to get a Tennessee fishing license if fishing is at the top of your list of activities to try.

3. Biking

Biking is something else that’s fun for the whole family or group to do while you’re in town. You’ll be able to have fun exploring the local areas and get in some exercise! There are several bikeways around Scenic South and Three Rivers Way. Another great place for casual biking is the Cleveland/Bradley County Greenway. Just be sure to leave enough room for people who are walking the pathways!

4. Ziplining

people zipliningFor a little more thrilling outdoor thing to do in Cleveland TN, you could always try ziplining! You’ll love the adrenaline rush you’ll get as you strap into the harness and your feet leave the platform, soaring through the air and trees! This is a great group activity or can be fun for just a couple of people too!

5. Horseback Riding

Anyone who loves being outside and enjoys being around animals will want to go horseback riding while they’re in town. Even if you’ve never ridden a horse before, you’ll get a short course on how to ride the horse, and then you’re off on a guided tour through the woods and hills along the ranch where the horses live. People of all ages will love going horseback riding!

6. White Water Rafting

ocoee raftingOf course, we can’t talk about fun outdoor things to do in Cleveland TN without mentioning white water rafting! You guys will have a ton of fun racing down the river for a thrilling ride, no matter which trip you decide to take. Experience class 3 and 4 rapids all the way down the river, and test your bravery by going on the trip with the 1996 Olympic white water rafting course!

Wondering what else you should do while you’re in town? Check out these other things to do in Cleveland!

We know you’ll have a blast no matter what you decide to do on your trip to middle Tennessee. But you’ll definitely want to go white water rafting with us! Take a look at our rafting trips on the Ocoee River, and book yours today!