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4 Perks of Going Ocoee White Water Rafting on Our Full River Trip

There’s no better way to get outside and go on an adventure than to go white water rafting on the Ocoee river! This is a fantastic activity for families, church groups, and anyone else who wants to do something fun while they’re in middle Tennessee. But how do you decide which rafting trip to go on? If you’re looking for an all-day rafting excursion, our full river trip is the perfect choice for you! Check out these 4 perks of going Ocoee white water rafting on our full river trip:

1. Raft All Day

quest raftingIf you have been looking for an all-day activity for your family, friends, or group to do together, then going on our full river trip is the solution! You’ll spend all morning coming down the upper river portion, and then we will stop and take a break between the river sections. Then, you’ll get to experience the middle river part of the trip. We recommend setting aside at least 7 hours for this full day excursion since it is 10 miles long and the water levels vary based on weather and other factors. Your group will love spending an entire day out on the water!

2. Save Some Money

A huge perk of deciding to go Ocoee white water rafting with us is being able to save money. If you only signed up for the upper river trip or the middle river trip, you’d be spending more money than if you combine the two trips and plan on the full day trip. Plus, if you choose to do one of our other trips, you’ll have to figure out what to do for a meal either before or after your rafting adventure, while lunch is included in the price of our full day trip. You’ll love getting a deal when you come rafting with us!

3. Enjoy Both Parts of the River

quest raftingMaybe you’ve been looking into rafting with us and have only thought about doing the upper or middle river trip but you just can’t decide because they both sound like a blast. You don’t have to choose between one or the other when you go on our full river trip! You’ll get to experience the exciting thrills of the upper river trip and the 1996 Olympic white water rafting course, and then in the afternoon, you still could enjoy class 3 and 4 rapids along the way while also enjoying the scenic views! You can’t go wrong with seeing both parts of the river on your excursion!

4. Get a Picnic Lunch

What really sets our full day trip apart from our other trips is having a picnic lunch that’s included when you go Ocoee white water rafting with us. Of course, you’ll have access to Apricot Place Cafe for breakfast and lunch if you decide to do one part or the other, but a meal comes with your rafting adventure when you book the full day trip. After going through the Olympic white water course, you’ll pull off to the river bank and get out to enjoy sandwiches, chips, cookies, fruit, sweet tea, and lemonade before you head back down the river!

Now you know why you should enjoy our full day trip when you want to go rafting. Ready to plan your next thrilling experience on the water? Book your Ocoee white water rafting trip today!