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A Unique Adventure – River Snorkeling

Out and About – Snorkeling Near Quest Expeditions

When you plan that rafting trip with Quest Expeditions check out some other adventures nearby. The following suggestions are excellent adventures and range in cost from free to inexpensive.

Did you know there is excellent snorkeling near Quest Expeditions? Yes, on the Conasauga River, only minutes from our outpost on Highway 64. It is like a natural aquarium that you can get immersed in. Over a thousand individual fish are present on a warm summer day. You’ll see colorful Blueside Darters, an exotic Coosa Darters or maybe the prehistoric looking Hellbender plus hundreds of other native fish! The watershed of the Colorado River is much larger than the Conasauga but the Conasauga boasts over three times the native fish. You can do this adventure on your own. You will need to bring your own snorkel equipment, wetsuit, lunch and drinking water.

Try a unique swimming hole? Visit the Ole Blue Hole located near the Whitewater Center along US Highway 64. On weekdays the slow current of the Ocoee creates a number of swimming holes, pools, shallows and wading spots. There are several intimate pools you can have all to yourself and lots of sunbathing on the large boulders. There is a small parking fee to access this area. You’ll also find biking trails, picnic facilities and restrooms.

Two additional swimming areas are located along Highway 64 on Parksville Lake. They both provide a nice beach and swimming area maintained by the Forest Service. Located in the Chilhowee Recreation Area is McCamy Lake. This is an excellent swimming area located at the top of Chilhowee Mountain. You’ll find a nice 7 acre lake with a well maintained swimming area. Also located here is a campground, hiking trails and waterfalls . Located near the top of Chilhowee Mountain you’ll find some cooler relief during the heat of summer.

Visit Quest Expeditions for additional information. You’ll also find more information on swimming or snorkeling at the Ocoee Whitewater Center.