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Top 6 Things You Didn’t Know About Ocoee River Rafting With Us

If you haven’t been Ocoee river rafting with us, there may be some things you don’t know. We want to share important parts of the experience with you, such as what kind of trips you can take. There are also things about our outpost you may not know. Check out these top 6 things you didn’t know about Ocoee river rafting with us:

1. Plan an All-Day Trip

Whitewater Rafting with FriendsDid you know we have a trip option that lasts all day? You have the choice to go on one section of the river, but if you really want to spend all day out on the water having fun, you should sign up for this trip. You’ll go down the river for 10 miles through the Olympic-style white water rafting course and then along the middle river trip. When you book this trip, you will take a break after going through the upper section of the river. You’ll have a riverside picnic lunch, which includes sandwiches, chips, cookies, fruit, sweet tea, and lemonade.

2. Go on an Olympic-Style Course

One of the trips you can go on with us is our Olympic-style river course. You’ll ride down the river for 5 miles to experience class 3 and 4 rapids. Your raft will be in the water and go through rapids before you reach the Olympic section. You’ll know when you’re there because the river narrows, and there are several classic drops. You will have a blast experiencing this trip.

3. Private Changing Rooms

Bunkhouse FacilitiesIf you don’t wear your swimsuit to the outpost, we have several large, private changing areas where you can put on your swimsuit. These areas are cleaned well for all of our guests. After you get back from your Ocoee river rafting trip, you can take a shower in the public showers to clean up before you head home.

4. Stay With Your Group

Planning a whitewater rafting trip with a large group? You can all stay together at our group bunkhouse. By booking this lodging area, you are already on site for your Ocoee river rafting trip. Plus, everyone gets to stay together! The bunkhouse is convenient and economical for many different types of groups. It accommodates groups of up to 76 people. Plus, you’ll get a discount for booking the bunkhouse and a white water rafting trip.

5. A Cafe On Site

apricot cafeAfter you get done rafting on the river, you’ll probably be starving. You don’t have to pack anything or drive back to town since we have a cafe at our outpost. The Apricot Place Cafe has all kinds of goodies you will enjoy, such as hot wings, chicken tenders, burgers, and sandwiches. If you bring your group, you can even have a meal catered!

6. Browse Through the Gift Shop

At our outpost, we have a gift shop with all kinds of souvenirs to help you remember the fun time you had on your Ocoee river rafting trip. We take pictures of guests as they race down the river, and you can see your pictures in the gift shop and purchase some of them if you want. There are t-shirts, hats, gifts, and many more items you could purchase.

These are just a few things you probably didn’t know about our Ocoee river rafting trips and outpost. Want to learn even more about the experience you can have with us? Look through our white water rafting trips and book your spot today!