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5 Things You’ll Love About Ocoee River Whitewater Rafting

For an unforgettable adventure, come whitewater rafting on the Ocoee River! At Quest Expeditions, we’re known for having the nation’s most popular whitewater trip. When you go whitewater rafting, you’ll create long-lasting memories with your friends and family. To help you learn more about this incredible experience, we’ve made a list of 5 things you’ll love about Ocoee River whitewater rafting.

1. Variety of Trips

Ocoee Adventure Raftng TennesseeThe best part about Ocoee River rafting is you can choose from different trip types. Our Middle Ocoee River Trip is the nation’s most popular whitewater rafting trip. This is a great adventure for families and first-time rafters. It includes a 5 mile journey through a stunning gorge. You’ll paddle through 17 major rapids. You can also choose our Upper Only Ocoee River Rafting Trip, which includes a run through the 1996 Olympic Whitewater Course and a run through the Upper section’s most famous rapid, Humongous. While the Upper Only Trip is only available on select Saturdays during peak season, our Middle Ocoee River Trip is available Memorial Day through Labor Day.

2. Runs Through the Cherokee National Forest

Part of what makes Ocoee River whitewater rafting so special is the scenery it’s surrounded by. The river runs through a stunning gorge in the Cherokee National Forest. The gorge promises waves of fun, big smiles and thrills. The powerful flow of the dam-controlled stream means that your trip will be filled with non-stop action!

3. Full-Day of Rafting Available

Rafting Trip Quest ExpeditionsIf you want to try both of our rafting trips on the Ocoee River, you’ll love our Full Day Ocoee River Trip. There are longer rapids, big waves and drops over the 10 mile journey. It includes both the upper and middle sections of the river. As the river narrows, you’ll experience the bigger rapids of the Olympic Course. The first part of the course gets you ready for the beast of the rapids: the Humongous. It’s the most challenging rapid on the river! Along this trip, you’ll also have breathtaking views and can enjoy a delicious riverside lunch after you tackle the Olympic Course. After lunch, you’ll head for the middle Ocoee River and get to enjoy a swim in the water!

4. Great for Groups & Families

Rafting provides an unforgettable experience that the whole family will love. You don’t have to be an expert at whitewater rafting to enjoy our Middle Ocoee River Trip! This high-quality outdoor adventure is just pure fun for everyone. It’s also a great group activity for team-building, whether you bring your youth group or come for a corporate retreat. You’ll love getting to spend quality time together in the great outdoors!

5. Safe & Fun

Your safetyRunning Rapids on Ocoee River is our number one priority! You’ll love Ocoee River whitewater rafting with us because our goal is to provide you a safe and enjoyable experience. All of our rafting guides go through an extensive on and off river training program, and are trained in First Aid, CPR and Swiftwater Rescue. Before your trip, you’ll receive a safety orientation, instructions, and learn what to do if you were to fall out of the raft. You’ll also be able to ask our guides any questions you have before your trip!

Learn More About Ocoee River Whitewater Rafting

We bet you can’t wait to come rafting with us, and we can’t wait to have you! Learn more about Ocoee River whitewater rafting, then plan your trip for an unforgettable adventure.