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Top 5 Myths About Ocoee River Rafting With Quest Expeditions

If you have been hesitant about whitewater rafting on the Ocoee River for one reason or another, Quest Expeditions is here to put your mind at ease! After all, we don’t want you to miss this fabulous experience simply because you have heard some common misconceptions and myths about rafting! Here are the top 5 myths about Ocoee River Rafting with Quest Expeditions and the truths behind those myths:

Myth #1: Experience is Required

Rafting Trip near ChattanoogaOne of the most common myths about Ocoee River rafting is that experience is required to go on an excursion. However, with Quest Expeditions, it is not necessary to have any experience at all! While you can expect to paddle, walk on uneven terrain and get wet, you can feel comfortable knowing that every raft is accompanied by a trained guide. Your guide will go over a complete safety orientation before the trip and be with you during the entire trip down the river.

Myth #2: Rafting is Extremely Dangerous

While there are inherent risks with any outdoor activity such as whitewater rafting, Quest Expeditions takes every reasonable precaution to keep you safe! After all, our goal is to provide a fun experience on the river while maintaining a superior level of safety. We have been providing whitewater rafting trips for more than 32 years and have an excellent safety record! Also note that all of our guides are trained in CPR, First Aid and swift water rescue.

Myth #3: Trips Are Cancelled Due to Rain

Another common myth about Ocoee River Rafting with Quest Expedition is that trips are cancelled in the rain. However, our whitewater rafting trips take place rain or shine, so don’t let any bad weather spoil your plans! In fact, rafting is the perfect rainy day activity since you are already going to get wet on the river! Of course, we may delay trips or pull over along the river bank in the event of severe lightning.

Myth #4: Only Adults Can Participate

Middle Ocoee Rafting TripOur Ocoee River Rafting trips are not only fun for adults, but for kids too! Participants only have to be at least 12 years old to participate, so feel free to bring the entire family along for the fun! Quest Expeditions actually hosts many youth trips throughout the season, including school, church and scout groups. In addition to being fun, the trips are excellent for team-building and create a sense of accomplishment among groups!

Myth #5: All Areas of the Ocoee River Provide the Same Experience

Quest Expeditions offers several Ocoee River rafting trips, each of which is a unique experience! The Middle Ocoee River Trip provides 5 miles of exciting class III and IV rapids through a spectacular gorge in the Cherokee National Forest. If you are up for a little more adventure, the Full Day Ocoee River Trip includes both the middle section and an upper section with legendary whitewater thrills and even more breathtaking views!

Now that you know the top myths about Ocoee River rafting, check out all of the information about our Ocoee River trips today to plan the outdoor adventure of a lifetime! We look forward to you joining us at Quest Expeditions!