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Whitewater rafting 2 hours from Atlanta

Whitewater Rafting 2 Hours From Atlanta

A Quick and Easy Adventure Getaway

Did you know that there is whitewater rafting 2 hours from Atlanta? Just a short drive from Atlanta, Quest Expeditions offers an unforgettable rafting experience amidst the stunning scenery of the Cherokee National Forest. In this article, we’ll show you how quick and easy it is to get to this adventure hotspot, providing you with specific directions to ensure a smooth journey.


City of Atlanta at night.  2 hours away from whitewater rafting.


Why Choose Whitewater Rafting 2 Hours from Atlanta?

Living in Atlanta, you might think you have to travel far to find thrilling outdoor adventures, but the Ocoee River is just two hours away, offering some of the best whitewater rafting in the Southeast. Here’s why you should consider this quick escape:

  • Convenience**: No need for long drives or extensive planning. You can leave Atlanta in the morning and be on the river by midday.
  • Excitement**: The Ocoee River is renowned for its Class III-IV rapids, providing a perfect blend of excitement and accessibility.
  • Scenery**: Enjoy the beautiful backdrop of the Cherokee National Forest as you navigate the river’s twists and turns.
  • Professional Outfitters**: Quest Expeditions offers top-notch equipment, experienced guides, and a focus on safety to ensure a fantastic rafting trip.


Map of Atlanta to Quest Expeditions on the Ocoee River

Getting to Quest Expeditions from Atlanta

The drive from Atlanta to Quest Expeditions on the Ocoee River is straightforward and scenic. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get there quickly and easily.


1. Start in Atlanta, GA
– Begin your journey by getting on I-75 N from downtown Atlanta. Depending on your starting point, make your way to I-75 N.

2. Continue on I-75 N
– Stay on I-75 N for approximately 70 miles. Enjoy the ease of highway driving as you leave the bustling city behind and head toward the beautiful North Georgia countryside.

3. Take Exit 293 for US-411 N
– After about an hour of driving, take Exit 293 for US-411 N toward Chatsworth/White. Follow the signs to merge onto US-411 N.

4. Follow US-411 N
– Continue on US-411 N for about 25 miles. This scenic route will take you through charming small towns and picturesque landscapes.

5. Turn Right onto GA-61 N/GA-2 E/US-411 N
– After approximately 25 miles, turn right onto GA-61 N/GA-2 E/US-411 N and continue for about 7 miles.

6. Turn Left onto GA-2 E/GA-52 E
– Turn left onto GA-2 E/GA-52 E and continue to follow GA-2 E. You will cross into Tennessee shortly after this turn.

7. Merge onto US-64 E toward Ocoee
– After entering Tennessee, merge onto US-64 E. Continue on US-64 E for about 10 miles.

8. Arrive at Quest Expeditions
– Quest Expeditions is located at 281 US-64, Ocoee, TN 37361. The entrance will be on your right.


What to Expect at Quest Expeditions

Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by the friendly and professional staff at Quest Expeditions. They’ll provide you with all the necessary equipment, including life jackets, helmets, and paddles. After a thorough safety briefing and instructions from your experienced guide, you’ll be ready to hit the water.

The Ocoee River promises a thrilling ride with its Class III-IV rapids, ensuring heart-pounding excitement and plenty of fun. Whether you’re a first-time rafter or a seasoned pro, the team at Quest Expeditions will ensure you have a safe and unforgettable experience.

Make the Most of Your Day Trip

After your rafting adventure, consider exploring more of what the area has to offer. The Cherokee National Forest is perfect for hiking, picnicking, and taking in the natural beauty of the region. You can also visit local eateries and shops to get a taste of the local culture.

Conclusion: Whitewater Rafting 2 Hours From Atlanta

Whitewater rafting 2 hours from Atlanta at Quest Expeditions on the Ocoee River is the perfect way to escape the city and dive into an exciting outdoor adventure. With easy and direct driving directions, you’ll find yourself amidst some of the most exhilarating rapids in the Southeast, all within a short drive from home. Pack your sense of adventure, and head to the Ocoee River for a day of unforgettable fun on the water!

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