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Corporate Whitewater Rafting Trips - Tennessee

Corporate Outings on the Ocoee River offers your company and employees an opportunity for team building, promote communication skills, and to improve group dynamics all in a shared outdoor adventure. Your group will talk about the excitement, working together and the fun that an Ocoee Rafting trip provides long after the adventure is over.

We have an onsite café offering the convenience of catered meals along with a conference room and unmatched facilities.

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Chad was amazing! Literally the most fun I’ve had in such a long time! I had Chad as my guide and I don’t believe any other raft had as much fun as us! I plan to come back and do both the upper and middle part and I’m beyond excited. Who knew such a treasure was sitting right in my backyard!
Niya T
Ooltewah, TN

DIAL 800-277-4537 or Local 423-338-2979

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