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The River of Ruins Expedition on the mighty Usumacinta River is a true adventure into one of the most exotic places on earth. You’ll venture into ancient cities, tombs, swim in waterfalls where kings once bathed. The river journey travels through tropical forest where we encounter wildlife such as howler monkeys, toucans, macaws, iguanas and much more. Over a thousand years ago the great Mayan civilization flourished here. We will explore their hidden temples and immense pyramids. The Usumacinta flows past cascading waterfalls, through big rapids and into spectacular canyons. Of course this trip is for the adventurer, the trip travels in a remote wilderness and is a true expedition trip.

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Mexico Rafting Itinerary

DAY 1: Your flight from Mexico City will arrive at the airport in Villahermosa where you’ll be greeted by your guides. A two hour drive south will take us to a pleasant motel in the town of Palenque, named after the ruins of Palenque. Evening will offer the opportunity to see the town and bargain for souvenirs before dinner at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants.

DAY 2: After breakfast at the local restaurant a short drive well take us to the largest and most restored Mayan City, Palenque. Located on the outskirts of the jungle we will explore the many temples, pyramids and the mysterious tomb of King Pacal. Before returning to our motel we will stop at a refreshing swimming spot and waterfalls. Later today we will ready river gear and purchase last minute items for our trip tomorrow into the tropical forest.

DAY 3: This morning we will depart from our motel and drive deep into the jungle, near the Usumacinta River. Our camp tonight is at Lacanja the Lacandon Indian village along the banks of the beautiful Lacanja River. The Lacandon are the last living descendants of the great Mayan civilization and live much as they did 1000 years ago.

DAY 4: A Short drive will take us to the banks of the mighty Rio Usumacinta. We will ready our gear and prepare for our journey down river. After lunch we will make our way down river to the Mayan City of Yaxchilan hidden in the jungle and away from the normal tourist track. Camp will be set up here this evening and you will be sure to hear the sounds of howler monkeys and tropical birds.

DAY 5: After breakfast we’ll make our way into the ancient ruins of Yaxchilan where we will explore this partially restored Mayan City. This is the most beautiful Mayan City in Mexico with its towering temples and plazas. The campsite here in late evening is an excellent place to view the many colorful birds or just enjoy a relaxing swim in the river.

DAY 6: Today the river’s pace quickens; howler monkeys can be constantly heard imitating the jaguar and you will be sure to spot some playing in the tree tops. After lunch we’ll encounter our first whitewater known to early river travelers as Anaite. Later today the river brings us to a beautiful island beach with a wonderful view of the surrounding area.

DAY 7: Today is all fun as the river takes us through whitewater and past the unrestored Mayan City of Piedras Negras hidden in the Guatemalan Jungle. We will stop at the picturesque setting of Travertine Falls as they cascade 100 feet into the river. Evening will bring us to a campsite just before the entrance to the San Jose Canyon.

DAY 8: Excitement runs high this morning! Today we will make our decent through the towering 1000 foot walls of the Grand Canyon of San Jose. Exciting whitewater will greet us as we make our way through this beautiful canyon. After our exit from the canyon a relaxing lunch will be much appreciated. Before reaching camp we’ll encounter the canyon of San Joseito and the largest rapids on the river. After this exciting whitewater run we’ll reach our last campsite just below the cliffs of San Joseito Canyon.

DAY 9: A two hour paddle down river brings us to our take-out point near the town of Tenosique. Here we meet our vans and drive back to our motel near the airport in Villahermosa. We are ready for a night of R & R and the comforts of our motel. Tonight at dinner we’ll celebrate our journey down the river of the Sacred Monkey.

DAY 10: This morning a short drive will take us to the Villahermosa airport for morning flights home.

WARNING – This trip is a true expedition, traveling into an extremely remote and inaccessible area. This area has been known to have political hot spots. Rebels and or guerilla activity may still be present in this area. Please call with any questions.

OTHER TRIPS – Don’t forget about our exciting Mexico Whitewater Trip in the Veracruz area. Veracruz is free of the political troubles that may be present in the Usumacinta area. The rivers here have the best south of the border whitewater. The Rio Antigua Trip is an excellent adventure travel trip and is truly an excellent vacation adventure.
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