Retail Shop and Photos

Ocoee River Rafting Souvenir Shop

Our retail shop offers a full range of rafting souvenirs and Ocoee River apparel. Shop from a large selection of T-shirts, jackets, hats, women’s apparel, shorts and other souvenirs. We also stock waterproof cameras and boxes, river shoes, towels, sunglasses and other interesting items.

Your rafting photos

High quality, professional photos are available for viewing after your trip. The fun continues
after your rafting trip when the photographer displays your rafting adventure on high-resolution monitors. Each raft is displayed for viewing with several great photos of your raft trip. You can purchase the
photos of your choice to take with you. 8 X 10’s and CDs are available the day of your trip. Other photo packages are available to order online. You can view some of the action and purchase photos online by
clicking here . YOUR RAFTING PHOTOS

DIAL 800-277-4537 or Local 423-338-2979

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