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Group of girls rafting on the Ocoee River. where is the ocoee river

Where is the Ocoee River? Explore the Beauty and Fun

The Wild World of the Ocoee River! Are you ready for an adrenaline-filled adventure? Look no further than the breathtaking Ocoee River in Tennessee! Known for its thrilling rapids and stunning natural beauty, the Ocoee River is a haven for rafting enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Whether you're a seasoned rafter or a first-time adventurer, the Ocoee...

Rafting near Chattanooga TN

Discover the Ultimate Adventure: Rafting Within 1 Hour of Chattanooga TN

If you're seeking the ultimate adventure near Chattanooga, Tennessee, look no further than whitewater rafting! Believe it or not, within just one hour of Chattanooga, there are thrilling rapids waiting to be conquered at Quest Expeditions on the Ocoee River. Whether you're a seasoned rafter or a beginner looking for an adrenaline rush, this article will...

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Chattanooga Whitewater Rafting

  If you're in Southeast Tennessee and looking for an adventure, then you've come to the right place. There’s nothing that will get your heart pumping quite like whitewater rafting near Chattanooga! Located just a quick drive from downtown, the Ocoee River offers some of the best whitewater rafting in Tennessee with plenty of Class III and IV...

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Gift Cards & Tips to Save on Ocoee Rafting Trips

Tips to Save on Ocoee Rafting Trips Looking for a high-quality rafting trip while saving money? When whitewater rafting, it is important to choose a quality outfitter. You can do both when flexible, planning, exploring options and asking questions. First find that fun and exciting river. There are several options available in the southeastern U.S. The Ocoee River...

Raccoon Mountain Cavern

5 Tennessee Caverns Within a 2 Hour Drive of Our Rafting Outpost

You’ll find plenty of fun destinations near our white water rafting outpost in Ocoee TN, including some of the best show caverns in Tennessee! This makes it easy for you to plan an action packed vacation in the region, combining the outdoor adventures of white water rafting with the unique indoor experience of cave exploration! Here are 5 spectacular Tennessee caverns within a 2 hour drive or our rafting outpost:

rafting on the Ocoee River

Top 4 Reasons Why Ocoee River Rafting is Perfect for a Scout Trip

If you’ve been searching for the perfect Scout trip, look no further than our white water rafting excursions on the Ocoee River! This is a chance for your Scout Troop to experience a thrilling outdoor adventure while working together as a team to paddle down the river! Your scouts only have to be at least 12 years old to participate, and every raft is accompanied by a professional guide! Here are the top 4 reasons why Ocoee river rafting is perfect for a Scout trip:

RV camping at campground with picnic table

Top 3 Places to Go Camping Near the Ocoee River

If you love the great outdoors and want to stay close to our white water rafting adventures in Ocoee TN, you’ll find several campground facilities just a short drive away! This is the perfect way to enjoy mother nature at its finest, sleep underneath the stars and prepare for your action packed trip down the Ocoee River! Whether you prefer staying in a tent, RV or cabin rental, you’re sure to find a campground that meets your needs! Here are the top 3 places to go camping near the Ocoee River:

Ocoee River in the mountains

Top 3 Things to Know About the Ocoee River Water Temperature

When experiencing one of our white water rapids trips down the Ocoee River, you’ll be splashing through 5 miles of class III and IV rapids! Since you’re guaranteed to get soaked during this thrilling adventure, you might be wondering what to expect from the water temperatures so that you can dress accordingly! Here are 3 things to know about the Ocoee River water temperature:

go rafting the Ocoee in the spring

5 Things You’ll Want to Leave Behind Before White Water Rafting on the Ocoee River

Our white water rafting adventures are guaranteed to provide a wild ride on the Ocoee River, so you’ll want to leave nearly everything back on dry ground! The last thing you need is to get your cell phone and other valuables wet, and you might even lose them while splashing through the rapids! We want you to concentrate on having fun with our professional guides rather than worrying about a lost item ruining your trip! Here are 5 things that you’ll want to leave behind before white water rafting on the Ocoee River:

people white water rafting

Top 4 Reasons Why Ocoee River Rafting is the Perfect Rainy Day Activity

If you wake up on the morning of your white water rafting trip and find that it’s raining outside, there is no need to worry! There is actually no better outdoor activity to experience on a rainy day, and this can be one of the best times to experience the thrills of the Ocoee River! While we’ll delay trips with severe lightning, our trusty guides are ready to lead you through the rapids rain or shine! Here are the top 4 reasons why Ocoee river rafting is the perfect rainy-day activity:

family rafting on the Ocoee River

Top 4 Tips on Making Your Ocoee White Water Rafting Reservations

When planning your white water rafting adventures on the Ocoee River, make your reservations as soon as possible to guarantee your spot! Our rafting trips have been called “the nation’s most popular”, and you’ll see why when you’re navigating through 5 miles of thrilling class III and IV rapids! Don’t miss out on your opportunity to join our professional guides for an unforgettable trip through a spectacular gorge in the Cherokee National Forest! Here are the top 4 tips on making your Ocoee white water rafting reservations:

Ocoee River rafting

Top 3 Reasons Why White Water Rafting on the Ocoee River is the Perfect Workout

Our white water rafting trips are not only a fun adventure, but they offer a perfect workout as you navigate down the Ocoee River! While it’s certainly not necessary to be an athlete to enjoy white water rafting, you’ll be surprised how many muscles you use when paddling along with your family and friends! Here are the top 3 reasons why white water rafting on the Ocoee River is the perfect workout: