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Top 5 Reasons Why Church Groups Love Rafting the Ocoee River

If you are looking for a fun adventure that everyone in your church group will enjoy, look no further than rafting on the Ocoee River! Our middle Ocoee Trips make the perfect day outing for your church group, or you can even make it into a full weekend by staying in one of the local lodging options! Here are the top 5 reasons why church groups love rafting the Ocoee River:

1. Fun for Members of All Ages

happy group of friends on ocoee riverOne of the top reasons why church groups love rafting the Ocoee River with us is because it is fun for members of all ages! The Middle Ocoee River Trip is an outdoor adventure that everyone can enjoy as no experience is necessary! You can even bring your church youth group along for the adventure as long as members are at least 12 years of age, which is the minimum age permitted by Tennessee state law. As long as each participant is in good health and has a chest size no larger than 56 inches, they can join in on the fun!

2. Convenient Lodging Options

Since many church groups travel a significant distance to experience our river trips, they appreciate all of the convenient lodging options near our outpost! Whether you prefer a traditional hotel room or a cabin rental, you will find just what you need within easy driving distance! You can also take advantage of our group bunkhouse, which provides convenient and affordable lodging for groups of up to 76 people! Since this bunkhouse is located directly at our rafting headquarters, you don’t have to worry about being late for your rafting expedition!

3. Excellent Group Rates

Youth Trip Ocoee RiverAnother top reason why church groups love rafting the Ocoee River is because we offer excellent group rates! In addition to discounted rates throughout the season, we are pleased to offer special church rates on Mondays from June to August. When your church group is ready to take advantage of our discounted rates, simply check out our specials and events to plan your trip.

4. Professional Guides

Everyone in your church group can rest assured they are in good hands with the guides at our white water rafting outpost! All of our guides go through an extensive safety and training program, and each guide is trained in First Aid, CPR, and Swiftwater Rescue. Also, before your whitewater rafting excursion, your group will go through a safety orientation and instructions. Safety is always a priority, and we want to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable adventure!

5. Photos to Remember Experience

Ocoee Adventure Raftng TennesseeChurch groups love to have their photos taken throughout their experience to share with their friends, family, and other church members! The awesome news is that we take photos on all of our trips and they are available at our outpost immediately after your trip. This is a wonderful way to always remember your time rafting on the Ocoee River. Keep in mind that we will also have your photos online for 2 weeks after your trip if you want to make an additional purchase.

Check out all of the information about rafting the Ocoee River today to plan your next church retreat! We look forward to seeing your church group this season!