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Top 4 Reasons Why Ocoee River Rafting is the Perfect Rainy Day Activity

If you wake up on the morning of your white water rafting trip and find that it’s raining outside, there is no need to worry! There is actually no better outdoor activity to experience on a rainy day, and this can be one of the best times to experience the thrills of the Ocoee River! While we’ll delay trips with severe lightning, our trusty guides are ready to lead you through the rapids rain or shine! Here are the top 4 reasons why Ocoee river rafting is the perfect rainy-day activity:

1. Already Getting Soaked

white water rafting at quest expeditions on the ocoee riverWhile joining us on our Ocoee river rafting trips, you’ll already be getting soaked while splashing through 5 miles of exciting class III and IV rapids! A bit of rain just adds to the fun, and it can even feel refreshing on a warm summer afternoon! Just remember to dress appropriately for your trip, as you’ll want to be comfortable throughout your journey down the river! In the warmer weather, wear shorts, a bathing suit, and a T-shirt. However, on cooler days, gear up in wool, fleece, or polyester clothing. You’ll want to avoid cotton as it has no insulating value at all!

2. No Sunscreen Required

Another top reason why Ocoee river rafting is the perfect rainy day activity is that you don’t have to lather up in sunscreen! Just keep an eye on the forecast to see if rain is predicted throughout the day, as you’ll want to be protected in case the sun does come out during your trip! If you do want to apply some sunscreen, it is best to purchase water-resistant sunscreen that has an SPF rating of at least 50. At the end of your trip, you can take advantage of our changing rooms with hot showers to wash it all off!

3. Minimal Exposure on the River

hydroelectric dam on the Ocoee RiverThe great thing about our Ocoee river rafting trips is that you’ll have minimal exposure to the elements on the river! This is because the river flows through a deep gorge with high ridgelines and trees, which offers plenty of natural protection! However, we understand that some folks still prefer to go white water rafting on a sunny day and may want to reschedule their trip. Therefore, you’ll be happy to know that we do offer trip cancellation insurance that allows you to cancel for any reason including inclement weather!

4. More Thrilling Rapids

There are 3 hydroelectric dams that control the impressive power of the Ocoee River, all of which are owned by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). These dams allow the powerful flow and natural current of the river to flow downstream, creating the amazing white water rafting conditions that our guests love! If you’re joining us on a rainy day, you can actually consider yourself lucky as the rain adds to the flow of the river and makes the rapids even more thrilling!

Check out all of our Ocoee river rafting trips today and join us for one of our incredible whitewater rapids excursions – rain or shine! We look forward to seeing you soon!