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Where is the Ocoee River and What Can You Do on It?

Maybe you’ve heard of the Ocoee River and how popular it is for white water rafting, fishing, and other outdoor recreation, but you’re not sure exactly where it is. We want to share all the information you could possibly want to know about this beautiful river and all of the fun things to do when you explore it! Keep reading to find out where the Ocoee River is and much more.

Where is the River?

ocoee riverThe river is located in southeastern Tennessee. The river is 93 miles long, and part of it flows through Georgia, where it is called the Toccoa River. The name changes between McCaysville, Georgia and Copperhill, Tennessee. The Tennessee portion of the river runs through the town of Ocoee, past Benton, and it eventually flows into the Hiwassee River.

Brief History of the River

In the early 1900s, the East Tennessee Power Company built a dam on the river to harness hydropower. A few years later, they built another dam that spanned 400 feet across the river. In 1939, the Tennessee Valley Authority bought these dams. The TVA started building the third dam upstream in 1940.

The second dam diverts water from the middle section of the river through a flume. In 1976, this flume was damaged in a rock slide. The TVA began an overhaul of the system to improve it as they rebuilt it. While rebuilding the flume, the water flowed freely in this middle section of the river, which gained attention from rafting companies. While repairs were being made, excursions down the Ocoee were made. Once the repairs were finished, the Ocoee River Council formed to secure recreational releases from the TVA, and after a lengthy legal battle, Congress helped the council get their recreational releases. Today, water runs in the river from March to October so visitors can enjoy paddling down the river!

White Water Rafting on the Ocoee

raftingSince you know where the river is located, you’re probably wondering what all you can do on the river. Of course, the most popular activity is white water rafting! The rafting season still lasts from March to October of every year. Ocoee is the most popular white water rafting river in the entire country, bringing in millions of people every year to experience the rapids.

At our white water rafting outpost, you can enjoy floating down the river and all the thrills that come with rafting on the river! You’ll paddle through major rapids that will get your adrenaline pumping, and there’s nothing more fun than rafting on the river with friends and family! We offer three different trips: the Middle River trip, the Full Day Experience, and the Upper River trip. The Middle River trip takes you through the most popular section of the river, while the Upper River trip twists and turns through the 1996 Olympic run with classic drops and fun rapids. The Full Day Experience allows you to venture both sections of the river!

Now you know where the Ocoee River is and more about its history. Are you ready to explore this exciting river? Learn more about our white water rafting trips, and book one for your trip today!