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Hit the River! 8 Reason You Next Family Trip Should be Whitewater Rafting

Hit the River! 8 Reasons Your Next Family Trip Should Be Whitewater Rafting

Trying to figure out your family’s next great adventure? Here’s why whitewater rafting is a great trip idea that everyone in your family will enjoy.

Sometimes it’s hard to find something everyone in the family will enjoy, especially when you are on vacation. Grandma may enjoy museums while kids want to go to the amusement park. How do you find a fun excursion which is appropriate for everyone?

Whitewater rafting is an excellent option for a great way to bond with the whole family. There are levels available for people of all ages and abilities. You will enjoy the great outdoors together and create memories which will last a lifetime.

Here are eight reasons you should consider a whitewater rafting trip for your next family holiday. Share the experience.

1. There’s a Safety Level For Everyone

While you probably should not bring very young infants on a rafting trip, there are options for almost every other physical ability. Rivers are classified by level of difficulty from smooth and easy to wildly risky.

Within each class, there is variation. Every class can be categorized as easy or difficult.

Here are the general levels of skill required for each class. You should be able to find something that meets the needs of everyone in your group.

  • Class I: Easy. These are easiest to navigate for beginners. Waters move smoothly with few obstructions.
  • Class II: Novice. These are rapids that can be managed by most beginning rafters with some experience. The waters move fast but the obstructions can be easily avoided
  • Class III: Intermediate. Some obstructions on these routes may be difficult to maneuver, plus you may experiences waves, eddies, and strong currents.
  • Class IV: Advanced. There are very powerful waters, multiple obstructions, narrow channels, and dangers to swimmers.
  • Class V: Expert. These are recommended only for the strongest and most experienced rafters.
  • Class VI: Extreme. These are the most dangerous rapids in the world.

2. It’s an Opportunity to Experience Nature Together

Rarely does a family get the chance to be out in the fresh air and to experience the majesty of nature as a group. We are often distracted by jobs, school, TV, and other media.

By experiencing the power and thrill of white water, you will come together as a unit in a way you seldom get to experience in daily life. You may see birds and wildlife in their natural habitats. You will be immersed in the elements.

3. You Can Do It in Numerous Regions Around the US and Beyond

There are many rivers throughout the United States where you can plan a whitewater rafting trip. From Colorado to Tennessee, to Maine to Utah, you can find a multitude of scenic options.

If you want to stay close to home, you can plan a day trip. If you want to take advantage of spring break or summer vacation, you can travel to a part of the country which you have never seen before.

You can even take this sport abroad, rafting on rivers in Europe and Asia!

4. It Gets Kids and Adults off Their Screens

Whether it is work, school, or play, everyone these days seems glued to a computer or some kind of mobile device. Families engage in less face-to-face communication, and kids can find it hard to put down the phone!

A whitewater rafting trip is not an ideal place to take a phone. It could easily get water-logged or lost. Take this as an opportunity to leave the devices at home and communicate with each other directly.

One exception is if you want to take photos. Just remember to use a waterproof pouch!

5. It’s Safer Than You Think

So long as you choose the appropriate level river for your family’s skills, you will rarely encounter any serious risks. You should always raft with an experienced and certified rafting outfitter, with instructors who are educated in all safety procedures.

You will all be required to wear safety helmets and life jackets on your river trip, as well as go through the required safety training.

6. It Gets Your Adrenaline Pumping!

Of course, the real reason to go whitewater rafting is the thrill! You will experience a little bit of risk,  just enough to get the blood pumping!

As you all paddle wildly over rocks, feel the spray of water in your face and scream in unison as you plummet over the waves, you will all appreciate the exhilaration of true adrenaline.

Teenagers and seniors alike benefit from the occasional jump start to the system, caused by the body’s reflexes kicking into action due to a physical challenge. You are all likely to eat well and sleep deeply after an active day battling the river. All with a smile.

This is the life!

7. It Can Be Combined with Other Activities

Whitewater rafting can be combined with other outdoor activities like camping and hiking. If your family enjoys the great outdoors, you can arrange a river trip where you set up camp along the river and cook dinner under the stars over an open flame.

On the other hand, if your relatives like outdoor activities in small doses, there are many places you can spend the day on the river and the evening in a fun urban area like Chattanooga.

8. It Encourages Teamwork

As you paddle through rapids, over large waves and between boulders, every member of the rafting team must work in tandem to avoid tipping. You must listen to your guide, know when to push and when to stop, and row together in unison when necessary.

These lessons are also valuable for everyday life, with family members or colleagues. Squabbles and rifts have no place on the river, and the experience may improve how you interact with people you love and with whom you work.

Additionally, the sense of accomplishment you all will feel after a whitewater rafting trip will be a memory you all will share forever.

Whitewater Rafting: Something for Everyone

Whitewater rafting can make an exhilarating family adventure in addition to a meaningful bonding experience. By finding our common interests, fears, and triumphs, we grow closer to those with whom we overcome challenges.

Nothing brings a family closer than a day on the river and a night under the stars. Enjoy the outdoors together and strengthen the ties that bind.

For more information on whitewater rafting, contact us.