Since you can’t go white water rafting right now, you might be looking for other fun things to do in the Ocoee area. Luckily, we’re right next door to the Cherokee National Forest! There are so many beautiful trails for hiking in the Cherokee National Forest, and we want to share some of them with you. Check out these top 5 trails for hiking in the Cherokee National Forest.

1. Benton Falls Trail

benton fallsWant to enjoy a waterfall while you’re visiting? Then you have to hike Benton Falls Trail. It is considered an easy hike, and it is 3 miles roundtrip. There are several spots along the hike where you can take in incredible views. You’ll even come up on a lake where you can stop and enjoy watching ducks swim or the sun shine on the water. Finally you’ll come up on Benton Falls, which is 65 feet tall. This waterfall is pretty impressive. Dogs are also allowed on this trail on their leash.

2. Slick Rock Trail Loop

If you want to go on a beautiful hike through the woods, then the Slick Rock Trail Loop is the right one for you. This trail is considered moderate and is 5.9 miles roundtrip. People also use this trail for mountain biking, and dogs are allowed on the trail on a leash. You’ll pass by open fields where you might see some wildlife. In the spring, you will probably see rhododendron blooming all along the trail.

3. Ocoee River Loop Trail

ocoee river fall colorsFor a longer trail for hiking in the Cherokee National Forest, you should go on the Ocoee River Loop Trail. This trail is considered moderate at 9.7 miles roundtrip. This is a beautiful wooded hiking trail that passes by the river. You’ll love the beautiful views of the water from the bridge you cross on and being able to listen to water rush over the rocks. Dogs are allowed on this trail too, as long as they are on a leash.

4. Azalea Trail

Another easy trail for hiking in the Cherokee National Forest is Azalea Trail. This trail is 2.1 miles roundtrip. You’ll get incredible wooded views along the trail, as well as a view of the lake. In the spring, you’ll probably see a ton of wildflowers. This is a great hike for families who just want to get out and explore.

5. Rock Creek Trail

hiking trailA great trail for hiking in the Cherokee National Forest is Rock Creek Trail. It is considered moderate and is 4.9 miles roundtrip. There are amazing wooded views all along this trail. You might even see wildlife as you walk through. Farther along the trail, you’ll come across creeks and a beautiful waterfall. This is a great trail for just about anyone.

Hiking in the Cherokee National Forest is a great activity to do during our off season. But you won’t want to miss out on going white water rafting with us! Start planning your next white water rafting trip with us by looking through our white water rafting trips, then book one for next season.